Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WOO HOO Tax Time is Over!

Lets celebrate April 16 being here, along with all the CPA's!
Let's see some celebration cards- any celebration that tickles
your fancy; birthday; Hanukkah; fourth of july; halloween, if you celebrate it-
lets see it. This celebration is open to anyone and everyone!
You can post pics of your cards here, or post a link to Scrapadilly's gallery
or any gallery of your choice. Card must be posted by Sunday, April 20th
All entires will be for a ticket in to the hat for a package of Green Geco's
Awesome Blossoms eco friendly paper flowers!
~Happy Scrapping!


Adriann said...

Sounds like fun! I'm in!!

jo-ann said...

i'm in for a celebration!

jo-ann said...

i posted my celebration card with success! here's the link:

Angela J. Prieto said...

Here's mine!

BonBon said...

WOO HOO guys- awesome!!
I will wait a little longer to see if anyone else gets their card in- then I'll do the drawing!!
Way to celebrate!!!

BonBon said...

Ok I put each of your names behind my back and asked Jaden which hand.....

and he chose..... Jo-Ann

Woo Hooo Jo-ann congrats!!!! and Angela thanks so much for playing!!!

oh ps,
I had to go to the candy jar and get jaden a piece of chocolate, when he saw the piece of paper that I took out from behind my back, he was quite disappointed, LOL!!!!